I feel home where the bird sings - Jeffrey's Bay's Celebration

DISCLAIMER about disturbing content: This episode involves sexual assault. It might be very upsetting for some of you, so please take care of you.

This episode is the third episode of a series called "I feel home where the bird sings", entirely recorded in South Africa.

In this episode, I discuss sexual assault and especially the silence and shame that perpetuates and facilitates the rape culture we live in.

(...) so many of us, womxn and femmes, have to choose between facing another silent death or speak up, and put our life on the line.

Every time I refuse this silent death, I have to remind myself, I am not trying to get by, I am trying to get free. And still live in peace in between. I am just trying to get free."

You can see pictures of this day on my website (Jeffrey's Bay):