Tribute n˚88

A pet with a mad owner learns mad habits, runs wild.

A body whose wisdom has never been heard never trusts, always looks for the next fight (outer with other souls mirroring ours, or inner, called symptoms).

When called to make a decision, breathe this decision into your belly to check its resonance.

Body work is soul work (body is the now where spirit and matter meet, make sure they greet).

Tribute n˚87

Greta says the world is ending, so at least let's be honest.

There are certain things you can not do. Like singing like Beyoncé or dancing like... Beyoncé, yeah, okay... maybe.

But apart from that, everything that you possibly think about life, how and where it's supposed to go is really due to sociological narratives that actually have nothing (I repeat NO-THING) to do with you, and existed long (I repeat LON-G) before your cute ass got here.
So keep doing what makes you, you. That will keep you joyful, plus that will help changing narratives for the next souls who come visit this earth.

(How I know this: what I am doing now, what I think and say, where I travel to was impossible two girls ago.)

Tribute n˚86

Time is a never ending cycle of energy where the latter never dies but is only transferred.

Breaking cycles when those have been running for generations and centuries will take several souls, a lot of time (and energy), and will probably not be achieved today.

However, we can decide today, to be patient with our needs, kind with our words, respecftul of all our soft places.

Patience is also part of change.

Tribute n˚85

Freedom never comes for free.
Sometimes it costs you and them.
Often times the hurt that comes with endings hides the most suprising beginnings, if we let them.

Tribute n˚84

I used to think, to be really beautiful, there were too many wounds on the way.

I’ve realised lately that one shouldn’t resent their hurt and pain, they’ve given you this depth that makes you human, makes you understand others and what they’re capable of, understand yourself better. This pain, when giving the proper time and energy to heal, always turns into grace. 

Tribute n˚83

About fears.

I found the best way to be more secure is to build self reliance. Fears, especially in relationships (of any kind) are often trauma leftovers that can be triggered during our adult life. As always, self awareness is the first step to understand why and how those fears are triggered. We can also cultivate parts of ourselves that disallow those fears to be triggered until they no longer hold power over us.

I do believe that fears are part of the human experience, but I also know that, as adults, we can no longer be abandoned. We can’t be rejected because our value doesn’t depend on others' opinions of us and we can never be trapped because we have the power to say no, set our boundaries and change our lives. We finally can navigate emotional territories that ignite us, instead of fears that keep us paralyzed.

Dear self-lovers, we are so privileged. Maybe the best way we can live it is to free someone else.I send you love and freedom

Tribute n˚82

Anybody leaving home is in the quest for something. We might get lost, resent the journey, but, in the end, we all walk each other home.

Tribute n˚81

About power.

The question is not about whether or not you do have power, but rather,How much do you know about it?How do you want to use it?How much are you willing to use it?For what/who?

I feel I am strongest when I can hone in on mesages and questions that are really important to me, hoping it can help my community. In the mean time the quest gives me self-reflection and peace.

Tribute n˚80

The people who really left a mark on me were never the ones who told me how to think, what to love or what to fear. Rather, they asked me questions I never thought asking myself before I met them.

It's about seeking wisdom instead of moving with assumption.

Tribute n˚79

Achieving is rarely as joyful as anticipating.

It’s the feeling of love we choose everyday for them that makes us happy, not them.

It’s all in you and it goes through you

Let it go without burdening you

It always comes back,

Brighter, stronger, just trust it will never pass you.

Tribute n˚78

Don't resent heartbreaks.

Sometimes the Heart has to be broken, to (crack) open.

(Plus, broken hearts make the best lovers;))

Tribute n˚77

About Rejection. (sigh)

We, Humans, come from a tribal system. When others were needed for survival (food, safety...), rejection meant death.

Be socially validated is still now essential to us: we are hardwired for human connection.\

When you meet someone whose soul is not in alignement with yours, send them love, love yourself more by not taking it personal, grief if necessary, and move along.

Don't be caught up in shame: studies shows that people who experienced higher pains of rejection had higher rates of survival because they were able to adapt their behavior more quickly. Rejection served a huge vital function in our evolutionary history.

Sometimes rejection is divine protection. Make sure to use rejection to reshape your behavior and learn to be better at being yourself (this was not meant for you, honey! Believe that your blessings would never pass you).

With that being said;

true rejection is when you restrict yourself from asking.

Not asking is the worst form of self-limitation and rejection, because it is, by default, already rejecting your own self.

I send you love dear self-lovers,

Tirbute n˚76

About Creativity.

Best is, when it comes through you, not from you.

The difference lies in the ego: when you let it go, creativity isn’t short-lived anymore, it does not exist to feed any purpose but itself, it just flows.

Best is, when it comes through you.

Tribute n˚75

About "mistakes".

That's why they put rubbers on the end of pencils.

(make sure not to erase the lesson though, and do not forget to draw flowers around them with birds in the skies and a big bright sun.)

Tribute n˚74

Experiencing is the ultimate meaning of life.

It is, love, beauty, pain, grief. It can be in ourselves, people or Nature.

Experiencing is the ultimate salvation of life.

The gap between what you have achieved and what you want to achieve in the future should not create frustration, but purpose and meaning.

Embrace it.

Tribute n˚73

About conviction.

Your conviction and convenience do not live on the same block. They do not share zip codes or email addresses, dresses and shorts. If you want to grow beyond your limited beliefs, there must be a willing force that drives you further. There must be a willing force that repeats this mantra:

i am worthy.

Tribute n˚72

They say the truth hurts.

(yeah fine)

But they never tell you there’s more power in sharing hurt, or telling your truth. (same thing)

That's the fastest way one can grow.

(ask the flowers)

Tribute n˚70

Failure is a feeling way before it shows its actual results.

It's a belief, engrained in our mind that keeps us enslaved to it, locking us in fear.
Success is a feeling way before it shows its actual results. 

It’s a mindset, engrained in our mind that keeps us trying. It's the last trial after a thousand unsuccessful ones nobody talks about.

If you haven’t tried today, you have definitely failed.

Tribute n˚69

Late bloomers still rise

She is taking her time

She is getting it right

She might be the slowest growing flower

She might have been overlooked or not treated right,

But she knows, when facing the sky,

Late bloomer still rise.