Tribute n˚14

Next time you are trying to win an argument.

Tell someone how to behave and you will annoy one.

Embody what you stand for and you will inspire hundreds.

You do not need to tell others, just to yourself.

If you create harmony within, this symbiosis will shine through.

When we are trying to win an argument with someone else, we are in the end, trying to change someone. This does not mean we should never argue, or defend our point of view. However, when arguing, we should ask ourselves: "am I trying to convince another person to be me?"

Let's also not forget that everything we are convinced of is only the product of our background and history. We do not hold the truth. Everyone can live their own without annoying the neighbour.

The only argument we should spend time on is the one that might exist within ourselves. 

When no battle occur within, this conquered harmony will shine through. And maybe convince others ! If we finally stop trying to convince someone else, we end up creating and manifesting a grounded and calm environment. This will certainly attracts outside of ourselves people who can resonate with this inner-peace.