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In the praise of Anger.

Anger has usually a bad connotation, because it is usually associated with agressivity. However, like any emotion, if we can get to the root of it, it can turn into a solid tool for self-development. 

This is why we should all be peaceful warriors.

Anger is a cover emotion. It usually covers hurt, pain. 

When hurt leaves us vulnerable and powerless, anger gives us (the illusion of) control and power. However, Anger has to first travel our bodies and reach each and every cell inside of us. So the question is: "does it serve us?"

Anger usually creates resistance within us, hence the need for some of us to punch a wall, scream, or cry. By diving into one of those coping mechanisms, we finally release the tension created inside.

But Anger is also one of the most - if not the only - powerful and motivational tool for change. The last generations of peaceful warriors fought for us because they were angry. And they had every right to be ! And so have we.

The challenge here is therefore to use Anger as a tool. To perfect it, be able to use it and then let it go. Anger should remain our servant but never become our master.

To turn Anger into a feeling that serves us, we should use it as a tool to change what should be changed. It first starts with us. If we can not control the outside world, we can certainly control our reaction. By embodying our values and being the best version of ourselves we can finally have a positive impact outside of ourselves. Rather use Anger to build a healthy, collective and federating society that always fights peacefully for acceptance and love than a tool to selfishly caress our ego.

Anger is beautiful ! There is pure beauty, pure dignity in Anger. Because in the end, it might be the only solution we found to cope with our unmatched expectations. Anger is the solid proof that we were too optimistic to just shut up.

Photo by Unsplash