Tribute n˚16

"It hurt so much 

I had to be angry 

otherwise I would have drowned in fury and pain"

About Resentment.

We felt unfairly treated and now we hold to this grudge, waiting for someone to notice and finally understand how angry we are.

Resentment is a defensive mechanism we create to protect us from being hurt, again. Because we feel that hurt leaves nothing but powerlessness, resentment gives us a way to make things even with someone. It is a self-constructed guarantee that they owe us. Owe us to treat us better in the future. 

Of course, forgiving is the only way to be free again. Because hatred only binds when love liberates. Not that we should forgive with open arms. However, forgiving should be the most selfish act. We finally decide to not let an event govern our lives anymore, but finally acquire enough grace to just... let it go.

The process of forgiving is also a beautiful place to understand that it is only about us. What unresolved issue is lying underneath this resentment ? What hurts exactly ? Was this particular experience that hurt or what it reminded us of ? 

Most of the time, events hurt because of the meaning they have in our past. The challenge here is to understand the meaning we give to situations, and not let it govern our minds.

Maybe we can finally start this beautiful process of healing our open wounds to only keep wise scars.