Tribute n˚19

Him: " It's a good exercise for you to become patient. They say patience is a virtue!"Me: "Patience... Anybody got time for that ?"
Patience is the capacity to wait for something - or someone - without complaining. And that's the hard part (I'm French you know).

When immediacy rhymes with efficiency, and time with money, it can become quite hard to develop what is considered by the catholic church as one of the seventh virtue, Patience.

When money can be reinvested or saved, time only flies. We can never get it back, hence our compulsory need to speed everything up. 

Therefore, we made it possible for us to send a text message and communicate with merely anyone on the planet within seconds. Amazon prime makes sure our herbal shampoo arrives one day after purchasing and not two. We can warm our food by simply pushing a button.

Speeding things up makes sense. Why keep things slow when everything could be done faster? Why waste time - the only currency we can never get back - when we could do something greater?

But, like often - if not always - the solution can turn into a problem of its own.

What if the waiting is unevitable? 

That's exactly where we become spoilt kids.

We roll our eyes when the metro is coming in FIVE minutes, because we are in the rush to get nowhere. We take serious offense when someone dares to make us wait, tactlessly implying that our time has definitely more value than others. We become ass*** the second we enter a car because we truly believe that everyone is in a conspiracy to make us late.

If waiting by accident is never very pleasant, one can realise that boredom is the (only) creation of non creative people.

And waiting does not have to be only accidental. We should sometimes take our time, instead of ending up with our second choice, just because it was faster.

It is also the perfect opportunity to build or develop our tolerance for others, because they do not exist for us to be happy. They just do. 

Finally, because everyhting can not be under control, Patience is surely the best friend we can have to become humble.