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Let's be uncomfortable together and talk about Jealousy.

Jealousy is a feeling that we have all felt, and will feel at some point of our lives.

But because of its bad connotation in our society, instead of expressing it and investigating the roots of jealousy, we are inclined to hide it under a pile of shame and guilt.

It is actually a shame to be ashamed of it! Because jealousy, like any feeling, is a safe marker on the beautiful path to get to know ourselves.

Jealousy is the feeling that someone has something we think we should have or we can not have access to. If fear is the ground for jealousy, the illusion that we are not abundant is its seed, and our lack of trust the water that makes this uncomfortable feeling grow.

We feel like there is a cake to share and we should hurry to grab our piece before someone takes it.

If we should get to the root of this fear - maybe it's comments our parents made when we were young, a lack of confidence, or a highly competitive environment we grew up in - we should not try to erase this feeling as a whole. Because jealousy, without fear, can turn into envy.

It is still coveting what someone else has, but not in a jealous, therefore fearful way, but in an interested, curious one.

And envy is absolutely necessary: it makes us realise what we want, creates opportunities we might have never thought of on our own, and inspires us to become greater.

So, baby, I am here to tell you, I called Mother Nature this morning and she confirmed:There is no reason for you to be scared because she is abundant and you are infinite.So is the cake (and it's for free).