Tribute n˚28

Picture day is coming. Maman just offered me an overall to wear.
Of course I won't wear it. Who would? I don't want to be the village idiot in my middle school. What will I wear then?

On how to make a decision.

Life is a never-stopping development of decisions. Some studies show that the more choices humans have, the less happy they are. Simple complications.

I always ask myself "how can we make the "right" decisions?". Beyond the notions of right or wrong-doing, which I chose not to believe in, how can we make decisions that serve us the most? 

I still haven't found any answer. However, I decided to be convinced that every decision we make serves our growth. Usually, the most painful ones are the most rewarding ones. Complicated simplicity. 

Now, before making a decision, here is what I ask myself:

"Whose decision is this? Is this decision really mine?"

A lot of decisions we make are the "wrong" ones, just because they are not ours.

Social pressure casted a shadow on our own light.

Most of the time, the ones who pressure us into those decisions are only projecting on us their own insecurities. If we make the choices they would make, it would validate their "self". And even if they mean well, sometimes help is just the sunny side of control.

Our decision process is always a patchwork of different influences we can barely put our finger on. But there is this little fire inside our stomach that shows its most beautiful flames when it just "feels right". We should make sure we keep this fire alive.

Overalls are back on trend, they're cool now. But Maman has always been and always will be.