Tribute n˚3

To my lovely BFFeA,

(Best Friend Forever and even After), the only one that stays and remains after the party is over, and everything and everyone left, Resilience.

Everyone left. HappinessJoyLaughter, even Anger or Sadness. We just feel Empty. 

Then this cutie shows up, gives us a warm and reassuring hug. She takes our hand and assists us for a while. And in no time, she invites Humor for tee, Laughter to the movies, and Joy to cook some curry.

She even invites Anger one night, but only for us to understand where our hurt comes from, and surprisingly, Anger turns into Acceptance at the end of this hot date.

Finally, we thank her with tears in our eyes for visiting during this difficult time. We wonder "how will we keep on without her ?!". 

Of course, she did not leave us alone. She left Patience and Trust, two funky twin siblings who always turn life into a challenging, but rewarding pure bliss.