Tribute n˚37

Love is always an option.

When we understand that contrast is part of the human experience, we stop using it as an excuse not to love someone. That's what unconditonal love is.

When we do nvot love someone, we are the ones who do not feel the love.

Love is not to be deserved because loving is the ultimate cure we give to ourselves, first.

When we say that we should stop loving to protect ourselves, it implies that love is week. But love is fierce. Love is vulnerable. Love always loves. It never changes with the seasons.

Our love did not create any negative results. Ever. Our love caused love. And that often goes with expectations, to count and rely on someone. Or that they would just love us back. When these expectations are not met, it hurts. And that also, is human.

When people are mean, or treat us unfairly, this has nothing to do with our love. It has everything to do with theirs. 

Do not ever question your love because of the absence of theirs.

Love is always the best option.