Tribute n˚39

When it's good it's so goood

When it's bad it's soooo baaaadddd

Ups and downs. Success and fails

You were identifying with what you had too much so it had to fade

Humans do not like discomfort that growth entails, the ego always wants to want more than it wants to have

You can not always take what you want but be sure you will get what you need

Mother Nature knows better about cycles than you

Time passes by, summer ends and all of your friends are busy doing, too

You sit on a chair pondering when you stopped to do, you

On your clock numbers align 

It is time to wish for something

There is nothing to wish for, problems are forever

Maybe you're depressed maybe you're free. Of envy

The identification with your possessions, your job, social status that you wanted to flee.

When you stop seeking happiness you realise that bitch was just shallow and shady,

Always waiting for outter circumstances to be pleased.

When you stop running in circles

You realise inner-peace was always right around the corner.

But leaves had to fall for you to notice

And the sun is always here, even when it's hidding behind clouds.

Automun is the most contemplative season.