Tribute n˚40

I've been insulted and I've been praised.

once my words are tamed

twice I make of my speech a waste

i am lakes with ripples

parts of me(s) are deep

fragmented of egos i kept on wa(i)ving and sinking

into the stupidity of my reactions

facing the ones we harm demands practice and requires pain

acknowledging their name

beyond the threat of them shouting the blame

at us

for shaming the stupidity of their reactions

well-being of speech we tend to overeat

caught up in the heat of our dishonesty that was procrastinated

thoughts we thought we eliminated

not even us can swallow the stupidity of our reactions

with anxiety and control, still working on relaxing our soul

while running around the self-control magnetic pole

although it's taking its toll,

we still breathe in the stupidity of our reactions

stillness when you want to catch me, i'll play hide and seek

when you stay still I'll sit.

Lakes are never deep enough for others to feel the mud and the weep

of our own minds

but lakes, even when they lack depth, never fail to reverberate the skies.