Tribute n˚7

Defeated, I decided to not intervene anymore. I sat down and watched my kid destroy the room, paint on the walls, yell like a distorted, schizophrenic and sadistic person to her bipolar, creepy, imaginary friends. I wondered, "did I really make this child?", "why?", "what's wrong with me?".

Another mom sat down next to me and asked: " is this your child?". 

Without looking at her, I just said:"yes". 

She asked: " what is her name?"

I replied: "her name is Mind."


I have an open relationship with my mind you see

It fucks me and plays with me

It does not answer all of my messages or friend requests

But when I least expect

It blesses me with letting me undress my demons 

Creates stories and pons

About the past and the future.

I fight it in the mud of my silences

To not let it become my master

But remain my devoted servant.

We can not control our mind. But we can get to know it better so that it does not become our master.

Sit down by yourself in silence and let your mind play around yourself. Let it yell, cry, laugh, and will come a time, it will rest and you will remain.