Tribute n˚44

As much as I try not to externalise my happiness, nothing makes me happier than others. Their laugh, their soul, their spirit. And when they show me their "limitations", I take this as a challenge to practice unconditional love. Rather make life fun.

How to properly communicate our love to someone?
Is it the words we say? The attitude we have? The actions we take?Maybe it is the intimicy we allow.
When they cry, hold their hand and whisper to their ear: "I know".
When they sigh, sigh with them and say with a smile: "Yeah, the world is shitty".Be able to hear what makes us uncomfortable and ask ourselves why.Be able to hear and reveal our hurt, desires and tender sides.Be grateful they make us wonder and grow.Make sure the journey from independence the outside world demands, to vulnerability into our arms will be safe and sound.

True love is when both people think they are the lucky ones.