Tribute n˚53

"Le cul entre deux chaises"

This saying litterally means "the ass between two chairs". French class.
When we face discomfort, we have two choices: we either hurry to sit on the chair again to remain comfortable, but keep reenforcing our patterns, disallowing ourselves to grow. Or we decide to break the pattern, even if it might be deeply painful.

Discomfort might be inconvenient but it is, from far, our best teacher towards growth. There is no situation in which we experienced a break-through in our spiritual or mental growth in absolut comfort.

It might be a physical problem, a spiritual or a relationship one, discomfort is absolutely necessary to slowly move toward the life that we are supposed to live. If we were to avoid it, we would slowly but surely feel bored.

Next time you are in this position, just welcome the experience for your ass to get tighter. Because 2019 is fit.