Tribute n˚55

My mother used to hide slugs in her pockets. I was raised to love them and I am still fascinated by them (they are magnificient!).

Our emotions are learned.

What are the top 3 emotions you feel the most? Is it stress, anxiety, joy, anger, sadness, bliss?

Once we realise those three, we can surely see how they were taught to us. We might hate it but we did inherited our parents emotional background, too.

If the emotions we feel the most do not serve us, we can write down what we would like to feel instead. I am doubtful but I want to feel certain. I tend to be anxious but I want to feel excited. 

And if you think this sounds superficial, the words we use to describe our emotional state makes a huge difference. When being asked how you feel today, try changing from basic, general emotions like "I'm fine, I'm good" to "I feel blissful, I feel energetic, I am in peace". You will then realise the slow tickles in your spine and the corners of your mouth reaching for the skies.

How do you want to feel today? What can you do to feel this this way today?

I never liked crickets though.

Have a blissful week, dear self-lovers!