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About Rejection. (sigh)

We, Humans, come from a tribal system. When others were needed for survival (food, safety...), rejection meant death.

Be socially validated is still now essential to us: we are hardwired for human connection.\

When you meet someone whose soul is not in alignement with yours, send them love, love yourself more by not taking it personal, grief if necessary, and move along.

Don't be caught up in shame: studies shows that people who experienced higher pains of rejection had higher rates of survival because they were able to adapt their behavior more quickly. Rejection served a huge vital function in our evolutionary history.

Sometimes rejection is divine protection. Make sure to use rejection to reshape your behavior and learn to be better at being yourself (this was not meant for you, honey! Believe that your blessings would never pass you).

With that being said;

true rejection is when you restrict yourself from asking.

Not asking is the worst form of self-limitation and rejection, because it is, by default, already rejecting your own self.

I send you love dear self-lovers,