Tribute n˚83

About fears.

I found the best way to be more secure is to build self reliance. Fears, especially in relationships (of any kind) are often trauma leftovers that can be triggered during our adult life. As always, self awareness is the first step to understand why and how those fears are triggered. We can also cultivate parts of ourselves that disallow those fears to be triggered until they no longer hold power over us.

I do believe that fears are part of the human experience, but I also know that, as adults, we can no longer be abandoned. We can’t be rejected because our value doesn’t depend on others' opinions of us and we can never be trapped because we have the power to say no, set our boundaries and change our lives. We finally can navigate emotional territories that ignite us, instead of fears that keep us paralyzed.

Dear self-lovers, we are so privileged. Maybe the best way we can live it is to free someone else.I send you love and freedom