Tribute n˚11

Next time you catch yourself being scared of "Failure".

We tend to celebrate success over failure. It makes sense. However we should not forget that any "failure" might be the ultimate support there is to "succeed“ later on.

But more important than success or failure, what if we were to celebrate trying ?

Some of us might think that this is the comforting price for losers. Well guess what, we're all losers ! 

As babies, we all fell several times before being able to walk properly. And if we would have stopped trying, then I guess we would still be crawling on our bums !

But instead, we decided we would be cool losers. We would be the ones that laugh when they do not succeed. The ones that keep on trying, because it is also part of the fun. The ones that are humble enough to understand that success is not a one-day job, but a long-term and hard-work project. Until this day came. All of our efforts paid off: we were finally able to stand and walk. And this whole process made the achievement even sweeter.

Trying is the best gift we could ever give ourselves. Because when we get scared we might "fail" or "mess up", we then can realize that this very same fear gives light to the only real danger there is in life, the one of not trying.

So keep on trying babyyyy !