Falling in love

Tribute n˚18

My feet are too big, so I often fall. In love. 

It can sound quite like a mad idea, and yet, the expression "falling in love" to describe the process of liking someone’s charm and personality could not be more accurate. 

It seems like we lost our focus for a second and we fell. In love. At the moment we least expected it.

If the lust is reciprocal, we enter the "honey moon" period. Everything about them seems perfect. Their weird obsessions make ours look less eccentric, we suddenly feel less lonely and finally understood. We are just the same. With different hair.

Until fall comes and we decide to change haircut. They feel that something changed and we frown, thinking "who is this person?".

The person we fell in love with did not disappear, but the illusion did. Not that we changed or they changed, but we realise we are not the same person after all. We are in fact completely different. If this time can be challenging for the parties involved, disillusion should be welcomed as a blessing. It is the perfect opportunity to cleanse love from the superficial. Because it is easy to love someone for their strengths, but harder to stay when we discover about their "flaws". And oh man, they are and will be plenty !

If disillusion is frequent in relationships, it's maybe because it is merely unavoidable. Further more, this process is essential. Disillusion reveals the false, the neglected of what we called a bit too fast love. We either realise we should take different paths, or we can decide, after falling, to rise in love. If falling in love is always a pleasant and yet arduous surprise, rising in love is a conscious choice that finds roots in the will to get to know the other one, and ourselves, just a little bit better.