Feeling awkward

Tribute n˚22

Me: "I was getting my point across, everyone was looking at me and listening, I felt so empowered!"

Friend: " But then what happened?"

Me: " I realised my pants were unzipped."

To this moment you felt your chicks burning, your armpits sweating, and you thought "oh god, I am so damn awkward".
We are surrounded by people and we feel completely odd and lonely. They would have never done what we just did or this would have never happened to them.This is just typical US.And yet I'm pretty sure everyone, at different times of their lives, have felt the exact same way, just awkward.
We have theoretically two choices here:We could decide to mimic what the external world allows us to see, losing in the process our unique clumsiness that makes us, us. Or we could develop what makes us reasonably approachable, a sense of emotional intelligence and reliable sensitivity.Think about it, maybe what makes us awkward is not specific traits we have, but only the ways we developed to interpret strangers. We might have eyes, but we are often clearly blind. We forget that strangers only show us what they want us to see, and that we judge ourselves way harder, simply because we know way more about ourselves than others. Nobody eats the same way when they are alone and hungry. And on instagram, everybody shows what they eat but never what they poop. E-xa-ctly.

Even if overcoming our awkwardness sounds appealing, I'd like to think that it also might be a species unifier. We all are awkward, to a certain extent.More than humans, this makes us warm. Through a modest sense of humor, along with a smile and a knowing glance, we can maybe inspire others to join our clumsy, awkward, but cool kids club.