Feeling lost

Tribute n˚13

The supermarket is the perfect representation of my life. Chaos.

I often stare at the cheese department, wondering :" why so many choices?" or "how am I supposed to make a choice in all this?"

Since then I became vegan.

About feeling lost.

We find ourselves at a crossroads. And all we want to do is roll our eyes, crawl in bed and roll ourselves up in a huge blanket of denial. And yet, feeling lost does not necessarily mean we are desperate, quite the opposite ! I’ll show you why, let’s investigate the following paths:

Let’s take a break!

When we feel lost, maybe we should first stay still.

It might be time to start being okay with just being. Sometimes we become obsessed with becoming instead of being. Take this time to maybe recentrer. We could and should use this time to be alone and grow, to strengthen the best friendship we can have, the one with ourselves.With friends we tend to just enjoy the moment. What about doing this with ourselves for once ? Start painting, dancing, yoga, cooking lessons (free on youtube), read, write, speak ! Building intimacy with ourselves is the only way to get to know ourselves better, therefore becoming the best version of ourselves. 


If we change perspective, we can see that feeling lost is just a happy consequence of our freedom, the freedom of having a choice.

Yes, choosing is closing a door to something else.

But in the brighter light of the things, the past generations fought for us to have a choice. And a lot of people around the world are still fighting for this basic right. So don’t hate, appreciate!


Let’s be grateful to have this choice. For ourselves and for the others who do not. 

The struggles of yesterday are the foundations of tomorrow's joy and happiness.

Let's use those darker times to build tools that will serve us in the future and to get to know ourselves better. 


We are the representation of the universe. Breathe deep and notice that you sound just like the ocean. And your tears taste exactly like it. So trust that, we also, have seasons within.  

And spring is definitely coming.

Keep the chin up boo, it’s all going to work out.