In favour of Religion

Tribute n˚24

On her first communion, my mother and her crew (her sisters), dressed in white, smoked her first cigarette she stole in a car. Caught by her father, she was forced to smoke every cigarettes of the pack. Her sin never surfaced again. 

If I was definitely not raised in a religious environment,  I do think about my twelve-year-old mother smoking her sins in a small village in France, back in the early seventies.

In favour of Religion.

For some, Religion is just a sect that turned out well. For others, it is a solid guideline they live on. I am not trying to debate on the consequences the different interpretations of religion has had on our societies.

If Religion is a very personal and yet universal topic, it can also offer solid and interesting principles our "developed" societies could study and investigate a bit more, from time to time.

Indeed, Religion reminds us how small we are. I don't know about you, but this thought comforts me, daily. Religion restores perspective. And that’s what we lack, as humans. 

Religion makes us aware of our environment. It makes us notice how bright and elegant the moon is, and how fierce and mighty the stars are.

From this planet, on a bright night, 2500 stars can be seen in the sky, when our universe counts 300 billion of them. That means, for every star in our Milky Way, there is a whole galaxy out there. For every grain of sand on our planet, there are 10 000 stars. See? We don't see shit. 

This sense of all, or whole, we tend to forget too quickly. We lose sight of what is significant every day. Religion, at its best, can be a sweet and necessary reminder.

Religion intends to educate us. Not our brains only, but our emotions, too.

School system leaves our emotional intelligence to ourselves, after school. And the rising number of people who emotionally suffer shows that we do need as humans to be educated on our feelings and emotions, not only on geography and mathematics. Religion reminds us to be kind, compassionate to human beings, but also to all living creatures on the planet.

Religion creates a sense of community. And we all try to get out of this deep loneliness we experience the second we were born. Nowadays, it might be music, it might be dance, it might be a book club. All we want, is to escape this scary thought of being so isolated and vulnerable. Religion is definitely not left to "religious people" only. Everyone has their own. Same but different.