Tribute n˚17

Next time you are quick to cheer someone up.

Sadness has a deep and unavoidable place in life.We will at times face unresolved disappointments, unmatched expectations and frightening frustrations.
And yet we are for some reason truly ashamed of being sad. If we can appreciate the underline intention of the ones who absolutely want us joyful, it is also essential to appreciate the useful role sadness can occupy in our lives.Sometimes being told that our problems are easily solvable does not help. We would rather share a silent moment of despair, a long sigh of mournful sympathy. Quick answers can not and will not fix sadness, because this emotion is simply not a disorder. 

When a friend has the courage to reveal their sadness, maybe we should spare them from this social weight that impose a certain mood, a frame of mind that might find no resonance in their current life. 

Because never surrendering to sadness can be dangerous. Indeed, our denied sadness might perpetually recreate excuses in our daily life because it was never properly expressed. We will find ourselves hopeless in front of an empty fridge, a social event, or a grey sky. We might develop this deep sadness that, instead of passing like clouds in the sky, sits on us for a long time, depression.

Next time you or they are sad, maybe we should consider that it might be the right moment to exercise our listening skills.In the end, maybe all we need may not be an understanding speech, a cheering joke, but just a compassionate and warm hug followed by what could be the simplest and yet most reassuring two words that exist, "I know".