Tribute n˚41

Thoughts my crippled mind turned into dust, to avoid the void that slipping time left behind. What if, for a moment, I would stop using a buffer? This distraction I use daily to avoid... me?

Overeating, overdrinking, overdating, overworked.

Dear buffer, without you, what would remain?

What would I really feel about those people I call my friends, my family, my self?

If I gave up comfort and gave in to my Truth,

Would I step into long-time burried pain?

Or freedom?

We all hide behind a buffer. It covers this version of ourselves we are too scared to face. The real us, waiting to be discovered, is never pushy. It's patient and kind. It just waits for us to suffer enough to disarm all hostility, to finally break free.

Tribute n˚38

Soon, I'll die. 

When I ask the trees what time it is, they just tell me, it's now Elia, it's only now.

I'm never too late or too early.

Time could only be created by the human kind, the human mind. The mind feeds on time, this is only where past and future can subsist.

When we stop identifying with the stream of thoughts, the light of now comes in. There is no mind, just a deep inner-peace that goes with just being.

We often oppose death to Life. The only opposite to death is birth. Death is a very small part of Life.

Life does not know any opposite. It is too broad, too majestic.

The trees told me the secret of life is to die before you die. And find out, there is no death, only transitions.

The doctors don't know when but I know that when it happens, it'll be now.