Tribute n˚33

Short, if you're having fun with me,

Infinite, if you are waiting in line to pee ;)

(it's about) Time.

Even if we insist on measuring it, we can all agree that time does not exist. Our experience of time has less relation to the actual measurable time than the subjective way our minds dance with it.

The best way to lengthen a life is not to try so hard to add more years to its tale but to densify the now.

The pioneers of making life feel longer in the way that really counts are artists. At its best, Art makes us notice things we took for granted. Van Gogh made us realise how majestic sunflowers are, and Chopin about life's undeniable nostalgia.

But there are simple things we can do to make time matter.

Looking properly, living more deliberately every aspect of this life. We would then notice that our best friend has wrinkles on the side of their eyes when they laugh, how soft their lips are when they touch ours. We would create meaningful interactions with strangers, enjoy l'heure bleue on a random Tuesday night, or dare to ask ourselves and others questions that revive our spirits and open our souls.

With sufficient imagination and appreciation every minute could feel like ten. 

Rather than living long lives, we should aim to live lives that feeeeeeel long.

Because maybe we won’t live long, but daaaamn we lived.