Tribute n˚8

Me: "I could not stop myself, I was so mad. So I slapped him."

Friend: "what did he do again ?"

Me : "Oh, he stole my ice cream."

About overreacting.

Overreacting is often a result of too many feelings we did not digest. Something "small" happens and we feel this urge to puke those feelings out. We are in fact giving ourselves justice. For what happened in the past.

Feelings are mental associations and reactions to emotions. They are influenced by our personal experiences, beliefs and memories. Long story short : someone screams (this is the stimuli), I am threatened (the emotion is fear), I feel horror (this is the feeling). We might experience the same emotion and yet not experience the same feeling. This is exactly where our difference lies. I feel different with the same stimuli because my story is different than yours.

Feelings are never wrong. They can never be wrong. Or right. They just exist.

They are like your right arm. It might be annoying in the night when you sleep on your right side, but it is always useful in the morning.

Not listening to feelings is never the solution. They emerge to make us understand our unresolved issues or traumas, therefore to make us understand ourselves, to innerstand.

It does not mean that we should act upon what we feel. Hatred may not lead to actions that serve us. However, acknowledge it, does. The first step to any healing is acknowledgement. It might take years, therapy sessions, but it's worth it: we will slowly, but surely, acquire this hard-earned lightly-held wisdom, and become the king or queen of our inner-kingdom.

Let's become unfuckwithable guys.