Tribute n˚9

My eight-year old self: "Oh I am going to go to college in New York and then I will certainly do a MBA. Then I will move to San Francisco because I am sure I will be tired of the weather at this point. Then I will go to South Africa and meet the perfect man there. With perfect jeans. We will have perfect kids. With perfect genes."

The Universe: "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, if you only knew gurl".

To Planning
Defining goals is a solid tool for motivation. It is also a reliable way to incorporate self-discipline into our lives.It is a protective answer to uncertainty. The scary future seems a bit less terrifying. And it looks perfect on our pride, because admitting "I don't know" in our world sounds sometimes unprepared, if not immature. When, let's face it, nobody knows what this whole thing is about. 
Planning is needed, yes. But we should not forget to let the Universe surprise us with the details, the crazy encounters, the unknown, the unexpected. Because life happens exactly in between those plans. What we should maybe strive for, is not a precise goal, but a feeling. Wish to feel empowered, spicy, creative, grand ! By doing this, you can even incorporate this into every small actions on a daily basis. What can you do every day to feel this way? This is also a great way to eliminate what we think the others expect from us, thus to recenter to what we really and deeply want for ourselves.Work on how you want to feel, and remain open on the how this will come to you. By asking ourselves this question, we expand the possible ways to find our happiness.

Do not forget dear self-lover, life is about the journey, not the destination. Wherever you are going, i’m going the same direction: to our end ! So show me your best dance moves along the way, give it to me babyyyy !!