Tribute n˚4

As I was trying to hop to feel the lightness of Life, I felt a burden down my ankle that kept me to the ground. I looked down, and here it was again, Regret.

Regret is first Desire.

When Desire is usually directed towards the future, Regret is directed towards the past. It is nourished by memories, that are often a naive and a short-sighted idealization of the past. Because the past is intangible, therefore can not be changed, this desire is doomed to fruitlessly consume itself, over and over again.

Until what....?

Until we maybe convince ourselves to try one of those :

Letting go. Of perfection.

Perfection is a human creation, therefore a complete illusion. Try explaining perfection to aliens.

Letting go. Of our expectations.

Holding on to the past is sometimes our way to hold on to what we think defines us. What if WE were the ones who define the meaning of our past ? We have the choice to make it a burden or a hopping companion. Heavy sometimes, yes, but always full of ressources.

Letting go. Of the past.

The lessons can only be learned with the experience, so let's not dwell on the past.

Maybe we could look at the past only to see how far we have come ?

Forgiveness and Acceptance (towards ourselves first !). 

Would we react the same way to our best friend? It's funny how patient and accepting we are towards others, and how bitchy we can be to ourselves.


Let's try to be always sincere, but never too serious. Because we do not know what would have happened if... we simply don't !

"I did then what I knew then, & when I knew better, I did better." — Maya Angelou


Trust the Universe.
Because "we make plans and God laughs". In the end, only Mother Nature rules, and she will have the last word. We do not control everything, but this is exactly where the Magic of Life happens.

So keep the chin up, smile to (y)our beauty, keep hopping.