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Elia Fushi Bekene

I am Elia

I am an African/French Queerfeminist visual and audio artist based in Berlin.

My work primarily focuses on portraiture, performance, and documentation through which I explore the varying nuances of intersectional identity, gender, intimacy and vulnerability within womxn, communities of color, LGBTQIA+ communities and especially the intersectionality of those.

With an affinity for storytelling, I love capturing narratives from a genuine perspective. My work focuses on photographing the deep essence of individuals with profound honesty, sincerity and sensitivity, surpassing the traditional relationship between subject and image-maker. I try to adopt this perspective in my audio art project too, where I develop and explore my affinity for words, sounds and silence. All of my projects gather under the name “selflovetribute”, as I believe that “the most radical action is to love ourselves”, in a society that created race, gender, class and power as a way to oppress individuals.

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